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Welcome to the Syphernet Group Archive.


Here are all the old and abandoned projects we have tried over the years. Each one has when it was founded, when it closed along with a little about the site and why it closed.


Some of the sites are also still online and you are able to view them as they where before closure.

Avanta Files [The]

Founded: 2009

Closed: 2011

Site Type: Blog/Information


About: The Avanta Files was a 2 year project to document the experience of Anthony through the 2 year DWP Work Programme (which at the time was new). The site included blog posts, comments and questions, all officially archived and ready to read.



Reason Closed: Came to a Natural Ending - Officially Archived

Archive Link:

Dole Life

Founded: 2011

Closed: 2012/2013

Site Type: Blog/Information


About: was the follow-up to The Avanta Files, basically exactly the same but more focused on the everyday struggles living on benefits.



Reason Closed: Abandoned due to drop in readership

Archive Link:


Founded: 2004

Closed: 2009

Site Type: Cannabis Focused Community


About: Dopetopia was one of Syphernet Group's original projects, concived by Anthony and 3 close friends (who are still friends to this day). It started out as a small BBS and had a small, but dedicated community.

But, due to time commitments, the advent of Social Media and Life, Dopetopia slowley started to close down after failed attempts to reboot as a social media site.


While Dopetopia is in the Archive, there are plans to Resurrect the Name, however they are in the very early stages.


Reason Closed: Social Media came along and BBS started to fall out of favour.

Skaters UK

Founded: 2001

Closed: 2008

Site Type: Extreme Sports Focused Community


About: Skaters UK (Originally called Hartlepool Skaters) was THE original project from Syphernet Group. Extreme Sports where big in the UK around the turn of the millennium and Skaters UK took off.

Along with its BBS, it helped to co-ordinate meet-ups and events all around the world. Though its largely forgotten about now.


Reason Closed: Social Media again.

Games Eclipse

Founded: N/A

Closed: N/A

Site Type: Video Game Reviews and Community


About: The one that got away. Games Eclipse never officially launched, although work was over 50% finished by the team.

The plan for Games Eclipse was to not only be a community and repository for gamers, but also to review games from the view of the people who played them for fun and the target market. However a deal we where relying on fell through and the site had to be abandoned.


Reason Closed: Deal needed for the site to launch fell through

This Supergroup

Founded: 2009

Closed: 2012

Site Type: Video Game Supergroup(Guild) Website


About: The home of Steal This Supergroup, the City of Heroes Supergroup and Destroy This Supergroup, the City of Villains Supergroup.



Reason Closed: NCSoft! They Closed City of Heroes/Villains!

Archive Link: Coming Soon

JSWN (Jacko Website Network)

Founded: 1997

Closed: 2003

Site Type: THE Original Syphernet


About: Where it all began, the JWSN.
A small network of little pages put together in a single hub, or, a website.



Reason Closed: Became, Later Syphernet Group

Archive Link: This exsists, somewhere, on a backup CD

Opinionated Gobshite

Founded: 2018

Closed: 2019

Site Type: Bit of a Joke


About: Someone had a link that was unregistered, I bought the domain for a laugh



Reason Closed: It was a Joke Site

Archive Link:


Founded: 2018

Closed: 2019

Site Type: Bit of a Joke


About: Picked up for a joke, that joke ran its course.



Reason Closed: It Was A Joke Site

Archive Link:

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